Home Moving

As a full service mover in Singapore, Superior Movers helps you to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your items. We are capable of managing moves of varying sizes and scopes tailored to your needs. Whether it is for your office move or Family home move, Superior Movers provide quality relocation services. Our professional movers will pack your clothes, equipment, computers, appliances, art works, beds, furniture, kitchen ware, sports equipment and other property prior to the move.

Our fleet of trucks, comprising of 14-footer and 24-footer covered trucks with tailgates, are kept clean and are well-maintained. Each truck is equipped with tools, trolleys, straps and packing materials, relocations are performed by our Singapore mover teams who are experts in handling moves everyday. Utmost care and attention is given to make each move a success. We provide free consultation and work hand-in-hand with you for a stress-free move, enabling you to focus on other important matters and settle into your new environment quickly. With us, you can enjoy a complete peace of mind for all your moving, packing and storage needs. Call us on: +65 6310 7085

Family Home Movers

Knowing the busy Family lifestyles that people lead, our team will do their best to suit your preferred timing, making your move as convenient as possible. As a mover in Singapore, Superior Movers emphasises on prompt and friendly service at all times, for every job. It is the job of your mover in Singapore to ensure that everything inside your home arrives in your new house in a safe and timely manner. This will start with loading the furniture and possessions onto the truck at the start, and is finished with the offloading of your furntiture and household items in your new family home. Call us on: +65 6310 7085

  • Convenient and flexible mover in Singapore: We are available 24/7 & can arrange to accommodate your schedule on any day of the week, at any time
  • Professionalism: We have well organised and highly trained local movers in Singapore – more than 50 years experience in the Moving industry – we will treat each of your items with great care
  • Bulky and fragile items: We specialised in handling all kinds of heavy and bulky furniture, including pianos, organs, refrigerators, and more
  • Cost-effective: Let us handle all the heavy work, and provide the manpower and trucks, all at one low cost

Family Home Move Hints and Checklist

Moving your family home in Singapore will be less stressful and be more enjoyable with a little planning. While this checklist is extensive it is probably not comprehensive as people are different, have different ways of living, so treat it as a starting point and delete those items that do not apply and add those that are unique to yourself and your family. Download the movers Singapore check list by clicking the image:

Office Mover
Businesses shift their office location due to business pressures of growth, consolidation or building upgrades. Superior Movers, one of the premium office movers in Singapore are always ready to help with your office shift. Whether it’s an internal transfer to a different floor, or a relocation of the entire infrastructure of office desks, funrniture, compactors, IT Networks, computers, filing cabinets and safes across Singapore to a new location, our team has the experienced to help you undertake the move in an expeditious manner. We are able to transport, in covered trucks, everything from your office or commercial premises to your new office location, all in the safest and quickest possible way. To ensure minimal disruption for your company business activities, our sales and project consultants will work with you closely for a trouble free move. Phone us at +65 6310 7085.

  • Efficient: Time is of the essence to any business. We complete the task of moving speedily in order to get your company operationally-ready again as fast as possible.
  • Professionalism: We have well organised and highly trained local movers in Singapore – more than 50 years experience in the Moving industry – we will treat each of your items with great care
  • Dedicated staff: Our team will keep you updated throughout, on the progress of your move, and will help to take the stress out of your office move by keeping the move to schedule.
  • Treating items with care: As a business operator ourselves, we understand how valuable your office equipment, furniture, computers and other resources are to your business, and will therefore give our utmost attention to its safe and secure arrival at your new location.


Migrating to another country or returning home can prove to be a massive task. Our team will help you undertake this task from the first stage of packing, to shipping, all the way till the final stage of delivering and unpacking at the desired destination. As other countries may have their own guidelines and restrictions to follow, we can advise and help act on your behalf accordingly.

  • Safe and secure: Your items are in good hands with our dependable and reliable team
  • Well-coordinated and organised move: Losses and delays are minimised as we plan our moves with great detail
  • Smooth transition: We aim for minimal disruptions to your life as we transit from one destination to the next
  • Ability to handle large volumes: Our transport capacity is more than sufficient to provide for all your belongings

ICT & Computers
Superior Movers will undertake IT, Networking, Telecom and IT infrastructure moves; including, desktops, workstations, office servers, rack servers, storage either as direct attached, NAS, RAID arrays, storage area networks SAN, tape libraries or optical jukeboxes. Networking equipment like Internet modems, firewalls, routers, managed and unmanged switches, Wifi access points all need to be moved in a planned and coordinated manner.

Moving the organisation network is key to moving to a new building, office or site. The internet connections for data and voice needs to be moved with your telecom or ISP provider to ensure that as equipment arrives and is connected so that it is immediately operational.

Some IT Applications like Email, Accounting or Sales and Marketing, including Quotation Systems are critical and these normally need to be backed up, the servers shutdown, packed, moved, installed on the new site, unpacked and powered up in a managed sequence to coordinate with users that may be in different time zones.

Superior Movers have highly experienced local IT Specialist that know and understand IT, Networking and Telecom requirements in Singapore and they can assist you as you require; from surveying your exsisting office IT Infrastructure, your IT data cabinets and your server computer rooms to planning the move to your new site, installation layout through to installing. They are skilled at installing IT equipment in racks and communications cabinents.

To discuss your ICT and IT Infrastructure moves call +65 6310 7085 or email us from our Contact Page Contact Us

Data Centers, Data Center moves and Cloud Infrastructure

Singapore, under the guidance and planning of the IDA has embraced the Cloud and with it there are now many high grade data centers in Singapore that can be used to provide Cloud services. Whether you are moving your IT servers, IT Storage, Telecom Equipment from an on premise Computer room to a Cloud Data Center or moving to a more high grade facility, Superior Movers can assist you from planning to recommissioning.

Call us or write to us today;+65 6310 7085 or email us from our Contact Page Contact Us

To cater for individual needs and budgets, we provide different types of professional packing services:
  • Packing at Origin Address
  • Unpacking at Destination Address
  • Full Packing and Unpacking Service
  • Packing and Unpacking Service for International Shipment

There is a whole range of packing materials that can be used for protecting your items. Fragile items such as crockery and glassware need to be bubble wrapped and every piece of furniture will need to be shrink wrapped. Superior Movers will carefully pack all of your property using the proper packing techniques to make sure that your possessions are packaged to arrive as they left your home or office in Singapore. We make sure your irreplaceable items make it to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Packing Supplies

Moving usually requires a lot of packaging materials for maximum protection of your items. Acquiring the right packaging materials to meet your specific needs can be confusing and troublesome. Some of our clients like to pack some or all of their possions themselves. To make your process easier we aid you by offering the best quality packing materials for all your self-packing needs for purchase. To place an order, please call us at Tel: (65) 6310 7085 or email us at sales@superior.com.sg. Goods sold are not returnable.

  • Packing tapes
  • Bubble wraps
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Shrink wraps
  • Newsprint paper
  • Corrugated paper
  • Others

Storage – Self Storage, Extra Storage, Temporary Storage

Perhaps you have engaged in renovations, and need to move your furniture out of the way. Or maybe you are spending a short time overseas for work or for pursuing an education abroad. Bringing along all your belongings over for that short period of time would not make sense. Storage solutions are a perfect alternative to temporarily housing your things till you need them again.

Whether it is personal or business storage, short or long term storage requirements, Superior Movers is a convenient and competitive alternative for all your storage needs.

  • Flexible and low cost alternative: Our economical storage rates will help you save money when you store your items in our warehouse. Flexible storage duration arrangement allows you to store by days, weeks or months, and rates are based on the volume of goods in storage.
  • Clean and modern storage facility that is fully secured by ADT electronic alarm system: Your items will be well-looked after in a secure and clean environment while you are away. Our well-organized storage facility is protected against fire and burglary 24-hour round the clock and equipped with fire prevention mechanism and CCTV monitoring.
  • Full inventory: All your stored items are inventoried and professionally packed before storing in the warehouse. We will provide you with full item lists in order for you to keep track of your items.
  • Convenient access: As and when it is needed, we can arrange for you to access your belongings, or for us to deliver them to your requested destination.
Other Moving Services
Below is a list of other services we provide as a mover in Singapore:

While Superior Movers primarily offers Family home moving and Office moving services in Singapore we also have a specialist team that can undertake moves of difficult property items like Piano’s, Safes, File Compactor systems and factory machinery. Moving these items requires specialist services like piano tuners, welders, fitters and electricians and sometime heavy lift crane suppliers. Superior has relationships with these suppliers and can bring a team together to quote on your requirements.

  • Piano Moving
  • Heavy Safe Moving
  • Disposal Service
  • Compactor Removal & Reinstallation
  • Local Delivery And Distribution
  • Internal Moving and Positioning
  • Partition Assembly
  • Labour/Manpower Supply
  • Container Stuffing And Unstuffing
  • Rental of Covered Trucks (Including Drivers)
  • Small job and partial moving projects

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